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The prints in these collections are on the finest grade 18X24 100 year life canvas, stretched on a gallery wrapped chassis and ready to hang on the wall. The Betterlight scanning system used to create these prints is set up specifically for documenting original artwork; it is the same method for fine art reproduction used by museums and other high-end digital publishers. This means that the quality of these scans is unrivaled by all other artwork reproduction methods.

After each scan, a team of highly-trained artists evaluates the digital images for minor flaws (dust, hairs trapped in the paint) and eliminates them, while also correcting any small shifts in the color so the scan is as close to the original image as possible. Other digital scanners (flatbed scanners and drum-scanners) are designed to digitize flat documents, but this often means that they cannot do justice to original artworks with more texture. 


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