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Alaska's North Country is known as one of the harshest environments in the world. Yet for over 6,000 years a people have adapted to this extreme climmate and made this land their home. A peaceful, loving culture utilizing the vast resources of nature to build their lives upon. In 1923 Edward Curtis made his last expedition to Alaska's Arctic to photograph this unique and hardy people. Curtis traveled the Arctic photographing the Eskimo people, their homes and bringing to the world for the first time this great land and its people. Curtis works are admired worldwide with many galleries that exhibit only his photography. During his life span he produced 20 volumes depicting the history and culture of the native people in America. Volume 20 was his final work and has now been captured in a series of oil paintings by Geanina Cantemir in the original sepia-tones as the Curtis photos. This is Roger Pikes second major contribution to Alaska's history, first completing 105 paintings of the Russian Orthodox Churches in Alaska (now owned by Natives of Kodiak) a project taking her seven years to complete. Then spending 5 years to complete the entirety of volume 20 of Edward Curtis photos, both projects being a part of the historical record for the State of Alaska.